Garden Jobs Late Spring – Early Summer


Garden Jobs Late Spring to Early Summer

There are garden jobs that should be performed around late spring – early summer including planting bedding plants, pruning and taking cuttings etc.


Bedding is a term that refers to the planting of short-lived temporary annuals, biennuals, perennials and, increasing in popularity, succulents in order to create colourful seasonal displays that are replaced every spring, summer or winter. Bedding plants are usually discarded after flowering. Since we are now in late spring/early summer, this post will primarily concentrate on summer bedding plants.

Summer Bedding

Usually tender perrenials or annuals such as begonia, lobelia, petunia, geraniums and bizzy lizzy etc. These are generally bought as ‘plug’ plants which may need hardening off if the weather is still cold. Currently we seem to be beyond the possibility of a late frost so this shouldn’t be necessary. If there is a threat of frost after planting, the beds can be protected with horticultural fleece or even newspaper. Bizzy lizzy and begonias prefer to be in the shade, while geraniums and petunias like to be in the sun.

Carpet Bedding

Not generally used in private gardens, carpet bedding utilises two or more plant cultivars with contrasting colouring in order to form geometric designs, company logos, floral clocks etc. Rosette forming succulents such as Echeveria or mat forming foliage such as Alternanthera, with it’s coloured leaves and it’s tolerance of clipping, are particularly suitable.

Other Jobs

Now is also the time of year to:

  • Prune spring flowering shrubs after flowering.
  • Clip box hedges.
  • Bring out houseplants
  • Plant any slightly tender shrubs.
  • Take cuttings from new growth of shrubs and perennials.
  • Prepare hanging baskets for the summer.
  • Now would be a good time to plant a herb garden with mint, thyme, sage etc. Rosemary can be grown all year round, as can a bay tree.

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