Interior Plants and Designs

We are able to fill your interscapes with houseplants to suit the lighting and environment of your home or office. Our team will provide ongoing maintenance with an extensive knowledge of placement and disease control. These beautiful additions bring a natural solution to indoor air pollution.

Houseplants will be the technology of choice for improving air quality in the 21st Century”*

Our conservation of energy has led to homes and offices being efficiently sealed from the outside air, thereby reducing energy consumption but trapping gases from synthetic materials and electrical equipment (photocopiers etc.) which threaten our wellbeing. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) permeate the atmosphere resulting in respiratory and other issues. Have you ever experienced the effluvium in a carpet shop? Our living and working environments have 10 times more pollution than outside. Plants add humidity, remove bio-effluents and give up to a 50% decrease in airborne moulds and bacteria.*

Our services include a free consultation, plant recommendation, positioning, disease diagnosis and maintenance. Maintenance contracts are tailored for every budget, different needs and lighting conditions. Your plants are sourced directly from greenhouses, where they are kept in optmum conditions. We buy them to order and plant them with the expectation of growth. We will care for your plants – you will enjoy the benefits of healthier air and an inviting atmosphere. We are able provide bespoke containers for interior and exterior planting, and can work in conjunction with your interior designer, whether the design is contemporary or classical.

* Source: Dr B. C. Wolverton – NASA