Exclusive Floral Arrangements for Interior Designers

Our team of floral designers also includes mixed medium artists, giving you that extra added advantage. We will visit you and/or the client’s premises to discuss your ideas and bring them to life ensuring our comittment to excellence and creativity.

We will take photographs of your sample boards and/or of the premises.  These and colour swatches will help us with complementary colour matches.

As an added benefit we can supply Mood Boards, giving you that distinctive edge.  Please bear in mind these need to be confirmed quickly as the floral market has a very rapid turnover and items are soon replaced with new stock.

We are passionate about our creations, and will work diligently hand in hand with you.  Our commitment to excellence will allow you the confidence of knowing that we can work within your deadlines and deliver arrangements of distinction.  A member of our team is a sculptor and mixed media artist which enables us to work imaginatively with a wide range of materials.

Artistic creations include life size statues, bespoke containers for floral displays and can incorporate other media such as semi-precious stones and shells.

Please view our page on Preserved Floral Designs. These exceptional flowers, especially the rose blooms, are soft to the touch, in exquisite condition and, in a suitable position, will add beauty for years.

We possess an exceptional in-depth knowledge of plants and their specific care requirements.

Our arrangements add a simple elegance, enhance creativity and will speak volumes to your clients.