Floral and Plant Gifts

Flowers and plants fill the senses with colour and scent, and they make welcome gifts that surprise and delight. London Flower Designer can create a gift that is perfect for any occasion.

We create exclusive floral designs using exquisite flowers and foliage. We design our gifts especially for you, taking into account the décor of your home or office, delivering a gift that is an exciting and welcome surprise.

Fresh Flowers

London Flower Designer delivers fresh flower arrangements, bouquets and floral hand ties for all occasions. Our custom-made designs speak volumes.

Fresh flowers used in gift designs are obtained no more than 24 hours before delivery. Therefore, two – three days notice is best for orders to ensure your gift is really fresh.


When supplying single plant gifts, it is helpful to understand the environment it will be placed in, enabling us to make the best choice, whether flowering or green house plants, on your behalf.

We can supply mixed planted bowls for the home or planted tubs for the garden filled in contemporary or classical designs.

When delivering house or garden plants, we always advise on care.