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OUR SPECIALTY IS A PERSONAL EXCLUSIVE SERVICE Do you need HELP? Is deciding on the wedding flowers just too much? Is your garden a haven for you ?  No idea what floral gift to choose? Does  a floral designer that can beautify your home,  adding finishing touches sound heaven sent? Would you like your home/office stress free and inviting? Are the funeral tributes another stress at this sad time? Call us on 07956 371405 and a friendly voice will answer. We are passionate about our floral and plant creations, and will work diligently hand in hand with you. Our commitment to excellence will give you the confidence of knowing that we can work within deadlines and deliver arrangements of distinction for your pleasure. Our team will arrange an appointment to visit you in the comfort of your own home. We will suggest displays which will bring your vision to life, on our return to your home/ business, we will then design your arrangements in situ with you, and you become part of the designs, making each flower/plant display an exclusive piece of art for your space. Our aim is to capture your vision and bring it to life. Our knowledge of plants, positioning, diseases and treatment. Encourages confidence in your choices and delight in your success. For your functions weddings or corporate event we will visit the rooms with you, taking photos and measurements, we also can provide mock up displays to ensure every detail is correct.